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  • We are happy to introduce to you our products and services, which have been tailored to meet your needs. Whether you own a sole proprietorship, small business, partnership or corporation, you will appreciate the services from Principal Capital.

    We partner our clients in their businesses and this has afforded us the rare opportunity of knowing three factors that are equally important to Ghanaian businesses: Speed, Flexibility and Service. These are the core business necessities in today's constantly changing business environment.

    Our close partnership with our clients and peculiar understanding of the local business environment put us miles ahead in delighting our clients with these necessities which help them to grow their businesses.

    Flexi Save

    This product enables clients to have access to a savings account with no monthly charge. The unique quality of this product is no minimum deposit is required.


    No restrictions on withdrawal
    No service charge
    Access to an experienced Relationship Manager for financial advisory solutions.
    No minimum deposit required.
    Electronic banking services such as P-prompt.


    Easy and Unlimited access to funds.
    Saves time.
    Convenient way of making deposits.
    Offers flexibility.


    This product offers a secure and attractive method of saving funds at a competitive rate. A minimum deposit of 50ghc is required. Withdrawals can be done once a month.


    Savings at your doorstep.
    A minimum amount of 50ghc is required.
    Withdrawals can be done once a month.
    Electronic banking services such as P-prompt.


    It enables accumulation of funds to meet future needs.
    Access to an experienced Relationship Manager for financial advisory solutions.
    Secure and attractive means of saving.

  • Our tailor-made investment products are one of the safest and smartest ways to save for future needs such as educational expenses, business ventures, vacations or retirements. You can always earn more on an investment account than you could have with a regular savings account.


    This is an investment vehicle where funds or deposits are locked in for a specific fixed period at a fixed interest rate. We aim to provide quality investment management and advice to our clients who wish to optimize their investment returns for leaving funds untouched for pre-agreed time frame, (i.e. 91,182 and 365 days) after which they may liquidate or roll over after maturity.


    Minimum deposit of 500ghc is required.
    Competitive interest rates.
    Tenors of 91 days, 182 days, 1 year and 2 years are available.
    Funds may be rolled over upon request.
    Electronic banking services such as P-prompt.


    This is a long term investment instrument to build up adequate financial resources for the future.
    This account is a unique way to “tie-up” your money for a minimum period of one year or more. Interest earned on the deposit is mainly compounded.


    Minimum initial deposit of GHS100.00.
    Monthly deposit of GHS 100.00 or more.
    Interest earned is compounded.
    Regular fixed monthly or quarterly contributions via standing order, cheque or cash.
    Time set fixed contributions after establishment of account. (amount could be increased anytime.
    Withdrawals are allowed every 12 months.
    Access to an experienced Relationship Manager for financial advisory solutions.
    Electronic banking services such as P-prompt.


    Higher interest yielding.
    Encourages saving behavior.

    Principal Inheritance Account (PIA)

    This account allows you to save on behalf of your ward for their future. The world we live in is quite unpredictable hence Principal Inheritance Account. Withdrawals are not allowed unless reasons for withdrawals are in direct connection with the welfare of the ward ie School fees, hospital bills etc


    Contributions by parent / guardian on behalf of children between 0-18 years.
    Minimum initial deposit of 50.00 GHS is required.
    Monthly deposit of GH¢50.00 per child.
    Monthly, Weekly or Quarterly Periodic contributions can be done.
    Compounded Interest.


    Funds accumulated can be used as security for loans.
    Future security for your wards.
    High yielding interest rate.
    Encourages early savings behavior for your wards.

    Principal Group Contribution (PGC)

    This product is for organized groups and teams. Thus, two or more people who needs to have one investment account with an initial amount and periodic contributions. This investment is for a minimum period of one year. However, the group specifies the tenure where quarterly liquidation can be done and given to one contributor. This goes on until all contributors have received their turn of the pool.


    Two or more contributors.
    Monthly Periodic equal contributions by members.
    Individual members will make payment directly into the accounts.


    Higher interest yielding.
    Encourages saving behavior.
    Can be used as security for loan by a contributor with the consent of other members.
    Periodic update via SMS/Email.
    Enhances group bonding.

  • Principal Capital is the easiest and most accessible place to borrow. We offer competitive rates, better terms, flexibility and no hidden costs. One can apply for a loan online through our website or fill out the application forms by visiting our offices. Once we receive your online application on our website, our Loan officers will get in touch with you within the shortest possible time.

    Personal loans

    We know you have lifestyle aspirations and that, sometimes, you need the right financing to realize your goals. Our secured Personal Loans are flexible, short- to medium-term loans tailored to meet your personal financing needs such as buying household or electronic appliances, education expenses, home improvements, car maintenance, rent advance and other personal expenses

    SME Financing

    Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are critical for the economic and social development of emerging markets. They play a major role in creating jobs and generating income for people. At Principal Capital we believe in playing a critical role in helping small and medium enterprises in Ghana gain greater access to finance. We tailored this facility to suit the client’s unique needs and maximize the potential growth of each client that requires financial assistance.

On behalf of the managment and staff of principal capital, i extend to you a hearty welcome to our website

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